Other Frequently Asked Questions About Geolitix

Are there tutorials or training resources available for using Geolitix?

Geolitix is designed to be easy to use and easy to master, with straightforward documentation that clearly outlines all of the available features and capabilities. The Learn section of this website and the content on our YouTube channel also offer a wealth of instructional and educational resources to help Geolitix users make the most of their subscriptions.

Geolitix also has several partners that can help provide additional support to users in their respective time zones and local languages: Bigman Geophysical (USA), Vivax (Italy), MDS - Le Matériel de Sondage (France), Georeva (France), GPR3D (Spain), Locating Supplies (Australia and New Zealand), Allied Associates Geophysical GmbH (Germany and Austria), Locating Dynamics (USA) and Exploration Instruments (USA).

Does Geolitix offer support for multilanguage interfaces or documentation?

Geolitix users can choose between English, Spanish, German, and French, and we will continue to add new language support. The documentation is currently only available in English.

What technical support options are available for Geolitix?

Geolitix users with Business and Enterprise subscriptions can avail of email support.

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