Frequently Asked Questions About Geolitix Subscriptions

Is there a trial or demo version available for users to test Geolitix’s features?

Geolitix users can use a free trial that contains all of the platform’s features for processing near-surface geophysical datasets. However, the free trial is limited to 50MB total storage space and offers only 10MB project storage.
Learn about the free trial and pricing plans.

Does Geolitix have a special subscription for students and educators?

Geolitix strongly believes in academic research. Students and educators from accredited institutions can avail of a free academic subscription with 100MB maximum project size and 500MB total storage.

Send us a message if you want to avail of an academic subscription.

What are the Geolitix subscription plans and payment plan options?

Geolitix’s paid plans begin at 69 USD a month for 100GB total storage and 1GB project size.

Geolitix has 4 subscription plans with monthly and annual terms. The main differences between our subscription plans are the total storage available and the project size. A free Community plan with 50MB total storage and 10MB project size is available to any user. Students from accredited institutions can avail of a free academic subscription with 100MB maximum project size and 500MB total storage. To request an academic subscription, please send us a message.

Geolitix has 2 options for paid subscription plans. Our Business plan comes with a 1GB max project size and 100GB total storage. The Enterprise plan has a 10GB max project size and 500GB total storage. Each paid plan is available for an annual subscription that renews monthly for greater savings, or monthly subscription for greater flexibility.

Geolitix users with paid subscription plans can also purchase additional storage for 5 USD per 100GB increment.

Companies working with large GPR data acquisition and processing teams can also take advantage of a more flexible Corporate subscription. This gives companies greater data control and allows multiple users to work and collaborate on projects. Users interested in this option can contact Geolitix directly.

How can users change their Geolitix subscriptions?

Geolitix users can upgrade their subscription at any time. When they upgrade, the old subscription will automatically end when the new subscription starts. The new subscription fee will be charged from that day until the end of the month, and any fees already paid for that month will be applied to the new fees.

If a Geolitix user wants to downgrade their subscription, they must cancel their current subscription and wait until the end of the payment term before availing of a new, lower-tier subscription.

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