Frequently Asked Questions About Collaboration

How can I share my project with my client?

Geolitix has built-in project sharing functionality. You choose which elements of your project you want to share and with whom. Often, you may wish to share only the output slices or maps, but not the raw GPR data. Geolitix allows you to customise which elements are included and then produces a link for you to send to clients and stakeholders.

Does Geolitix allow multiple users to collaborate on processing and analysis?

One of Geolitix’s main benefits is that it uses a cloud platform. This allows remote teams to collaborate in real time on projects ranging from data acquisition to analysis. Users have full control over what their collaborators can access, allowing team members and stakeholders to view different elements of a project.

Geolitix users have many sharing options:

  • They can allow limited access to project analysis
  • They can grant full access, sharing the entire project and all of the data to collaborate with team members
  • They can create customisable read-only links to control which elements of a project are shared.

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