Frequently Asked Questions About Security

How reliable is Geolitix in terms of uptime?

Geolitix operates on Amazon Web Server, the same cloud infrastructure trusted by Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Slack, and Adobe. In our four years of service, Geolitix has only had one morning of downtime due to a major regional outage.

How does Geolitix ensure data security and confidentiality of users’ geophysical datasets?

Projects created on the Geolitix platform can only be accessed by the users who created them and the users they’ve shared them with. Users can also control how much or how little of their projects collaborators can access. Geolitix’s founders, other users, employees, associated suppliers, and contractors do not have access to users’ projects and data, and users wholly own both the projects they create and the data they upload. Geolitix uses industry best practices for data security.

How does Geolitix ensure the privacy of user data, such as compliance with GDPR and CCPA?

Geolitix users have the option of allowing some or all cookies, including the basic ones necessary for the website’s functions and marketing cookies that help improve our content and marketing. Users can manage their preferences or ask to remove their data by sending us a message.

What security measures are in place to protect users’ data on Geolitix?

The Geolitix platform uses the most advanced security measures to ensure that users’ data and projects are kept secure and private. We use industry standard security protocols for storing and accessing users’ data.

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