Frequently Asked Questions About Geolitix

Last update: June 2024

What is Geolitix?

Geolitix is a cloud-based software for processing and analysing ground penetrating radar and other near-surface geophysical datasets.

I’m new to GPR. Is Geolitix for me?

Absolutely. We designed Geolitix to simplify and automate nearly every step involved in processing GPR data, from importing your field data to producing a final report. Watch the videos on our YouTube channel and see how easy it is. Most new users become proficient within minutes!

I’ve been doing GPR for decades and I’m used to other software, why should I try Geolitix?

We’ve been working with GPR since the late 1980s too and we’re lifelong users of every imaginable type of GPR software, including software developed by equipment manufacturers and all third-party tools. Each software has some great features and some complicated aspects. In designing Geolitix, we looked at all existing GPR software and designed a solution that contained all of the most useful processing and analysis tools as well as adding many we designed ourselves. Try out Geolitix at no cost with your data and you’ll find that all the tools you need are in one easy-to-use solution.

What are the benefits of using Geolitix?

Geolitix is a fully featured GPR processing software with all of the functions needed to analyse any type of GPR data, including large multichannel array projects. Geolitix imports data from all GPR manufacturers with a simple drag and drop interface. Having data stored securely in the cloud means that multiple colleagues can collaborate on analysis and share their results live with stakeholders. Files are never lost and the project can act as an ongoing aggregator for all project files, including base maps, site photos, notes and other geophysical data.

Most importantly, harnessing the power of cloud computing means that your analyses are no longer limited by the power of your own computer, but are now accessing a massive cluster of processors to calculate and produce images within seconds for even the largest datasets.

Who owns the data uploaded and the projects created on Geolitix?

Geolitix users own any data they upload and any projects they create on Geolitix. Geolitix’s owners and employees, and any third-party consultants now or in the future, will never be able to access any user data.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Geolitix?

Yes, an internet connection is required. The software is hosted in the Cloud and not on your laptop/desktop, and it is accessed just as you would a normal website. Geolitix can be used from the field on a tablet or laptop using a cellular connection to the Internet.

I have a slow Internet connection. How can I use Geolitix?

The largest amount of data being transferred to the network is during the initial upload of your files, so your connection speed may impact how long this first process takes. Once uploaded, Geolitix only displays images similar to any other website, and can work on most internet connections.

Do I need a fast computer to process and analyse large multichannel datasets?

Absolutely not. All of the processing is done on a massive number of cores on a cloud server. Geolitix can handle multi-GB datasets using a tablet, and works perfectly on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. A mouse with a scroll wheel will make analysis easier.

Is there a limit to the size or number of GPR datasets that can be processed on Geolitix?

Geolitix is designed to handle large volumes of GPR data efficiently, with scalable infrastructure to accommodate varying data sizes and processing requirements. The majority of Geolitix users require only the Community or Business Tiers. Users with large multichannel GPR datasets may require Enterprise Tier subscriptions, which allow for larger data volumes. Paid plans give you the option of adding more storage at any time. You can see the pricing plans and their storage availability here.

What if I have very large projects that won’t fit into Geolitix’s data limits?

Geolitix only stores certain raw files as part of the project limit size. When examining project sizes that have been processed using manufacturer’s software, it is important to consider that Geolitix only counts the raw data. Some manufacturers also include unnecessary files in their raw formats, which may inflate the directory size by up to three times.

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