Frequently Asked Questions About Geolitix Compatibility

What types of GPR instruments are compatible with Geolitix?

Geolitix is compatible with most ground-scanning equipment used for GPR data acquisition. The cloud platform can process GPR data from equipment manufactured by Geoscanners AB, GeoTech Russia, GSSI, IDS, Kontur (formerly 3D-Radar), Guideline Geo (formerly MALÅ Geoscience), Proceq (Screening Eagle), Reflexw, RADSYS, Sensors and Software, SEG-Y, Transient Technologies (VIY), USRadar, and Utsi Electronics.

How does Geolitix handle GPR data format compatibility issues?

Geolitix supports a wide range of data formats commonly used in GPR data acquisition and processing, ensuring compatibility and seamless data integration with most ground-scanning machines.

Listed below are all of the file formats Geolitix supports. If your file format is not listed here, you can send us a message directly to check :

  • Geoscanners AB: .gsf
  • GeoTech Russia: .gpr and .gpr2
  • GPRMax: .out
  • GSSI: .dzt, .tmf, .plt, *.dzg
  • IDS: .dt, .geo, .svy, *.gps, **.nmea
  • ImpulseRadar: .iprh, .iprb, .tsp, *.cor
  • Kontur (formally 3D-Radar): .vol
  • MALÅ Geoscience (Guideline Geo): .rd3, .rd7, .rad, .pos, .obm, *.cor
  • Proceq (Screening Eagle): .sgy, .csv
  • Reflexw: .xxR, .xxT from the PROCDATA directory
  • RADSYS: .sgy
  • Sensors and Software: .dt1, .hd, ***.gpz, *.gps
  • SEG-Y: .sgy
  • Transient Technologies (VIY): .sgpr
  • USRadar: .rad, .ra#, *.gps
  • Utsi Electronics: .dat, .hdr, *.gps, .gpt
    *files required for GPS positioning
    **For Stream systems drag and drop the entire data folder along with the *.nmea files (for GPS projects)
    ***GPZ files should be opened once in the Sensors and Software program before importing into Geolitix.

Can I export processed GPR data in different formats?

Geolitix users can export their projects in a variety of formats based on their needs and the types of elements they are examining, including CSV, DXF, GRD, KMZ, PNG, Reflexw, SEG-Y, and Shapefile.

Can Geolitix import other datasets, like drill hole data, base maps, and site photographs?

Geolitix users can integrate their models with borehole data, grid files, base imagery and CAD files. As an ever-evolving platform, Geolitix will soon add options for other types of geophysical methods.

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