One Solution
for Near-surface

Our goal is to make Geolitix the most accessible platform for analysing all near-surface geophysics datasets, a complete solution that uses the power of cluster computing to make rapid and accurate analysis readily available to anyone with a browser and a stable internet connection.

Mapping Utilities

Pipes, cables and USTs are easily detected and mapped using single or multichannel GPR data for output to AutoCAD® or Google Earth™.

image mapping utilities

Rebar and Bridgedecks

Geolitix automatically detects and positions rebar in concrete and bridge decks in 3D, allowing the system to generate maps of rebar depths and corrosion conditions in Google Earth™.

image rebar and bridgedeck

Pavement Analysis

Geolitix is designed for large datasets where roadbed layers are automatically detected to produce layer maps.

image pavment analysis

Forensics and Archeology

In just a few clicks, GPR field data can be visualised in 3D to produce detailed maps highlighting subtle targets such as graves and foundations.

image forensics

Railbed Analysis

Large multichannel GPR datasets can be easily processed and interpreted to show the depth and texture of ballast.

image railbed

Geological Mapping

Data from low-frequency GPR systems can be interpreted in a 3D-aware environment to build exportable geological models.

image geological

Drone GPR

Data from airborne GPR surveys can be processed with discrete targets and horizons displayed in 3D and exported to Google Earth™.

image drone gpr

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