What Geolitix
Can Do

Geolitix improves your survey efficiency and accuracy by harnessing the power of cloud computing to enable the seamless importing, editing, analysis, and interpretation of underground imaging data.

Project Collaboration and Sharing

Geolitix allows you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues with just a click. You can upload data from the field, immediately interpret it in the office and share project elements live with stakeholders. Geolitix offers licencing structures for all users, from students to large enterprises with multiple sharable licences.

Working with GPR

You can import data from any single or multichannel GPR system into Geolitix by simply dragging and dropping. Any survey geometry can be used, from simple grids to complex GNSS or total-station tracked surveys. The platform incorporates all processing and interpretation functions in a user-friendly interface. GPR data can be automatically processed using Geolitix’s unique algorithms.

Slices and multislices

slice and multislice

Geolitix allows you to slice your 3D or multichannel GPR data with a few clicks. Complex parameters are suggested for you, allowing you to focus on data analysis.

Depth and thickness maps

depth and thickness maps

Creating 3D surfaces of geological layers or thicknesses is easy with Geolitix. Simply select the interpreted layers you want to map and the gridding parameters are automatically calculated for you.

Amplitude maps

Amplitude maps

Rebar corrosion and pavement delamination can be visualised by mapping GPR reflection amplitudes. Geolitix generates these maps in seconds—there’s no need to perform calculations or import data into other software.

3D Isosurfaces

3D Isosurfaces

For some applications, such as rebar or void mapping, you may need to create a 3D model of a radar target. Geolitix can easily create 3D isosurface models from GPR profiles for a better understanding of discrete targets.

base maps

Base Maps

Add context to your subsurface data by adding layers with CAD maps, satellite imagery, your own georeferenced drone images or other spatial datasets in grid files.



Geolitix offers powerful tools for interpreting your data, enabling you to define 3D points, horizons, or polylines for pipes and cables, as well as vectorised drawings. Each of these layers can be re-ordered in the manner of GIS software, as well as exported in a variety of georeferenced formats.

Drill Holes

Drill Holes

Drilling and coring data can be imported to assist in data interpretation. Geolitix displays lithologies with colour codes and multiple assay results. Drilling data are automatically projected onto the nearest subsurface profiles within a user-specified distance.

Site photos and notes

Site Photos and Notes

Photos and notes taken in the field are invaluable for later interpretation of subsurface data. Photos taken with GPS-enabled phones and cameras are automatically placed in the correct position on your project space.

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